Friday, March 12, 2010

Exercise - Through Others' Eyes

Go for a walk. Choose a setting where you are likely to encounter some unusual and entertaining species . Every time you see a new animal (human and non-human), imagine the world through its senses. See yourself walking along, the scene between you and the creature you are possessing. Hear, smell and taste the world from this being's point of view. Feel the breeze through fur, or tattered clothes, or?

Describe yourself from this creature's vantage. Are you a potential friend? An enemy? A meal on the hoof? What does this animal think of you? What are its motives toward you?

Now broaden your connection. What experiences might your opposite have had that would lead him to think of you the way he does? What kind of 'inner sensations' are being triggered by your presence? Your counterpart may be afraid, or angry, or curious, or hungry. What prevents him from acting on his emotions? Perhaps you are bigger and stronger. Maybe your observer has an instinctive fear of humans.

After your walk, write about your encounters from your point of view, but incorporating the types of reactions you experienced emanating from those around you.

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